A Moment of Reflection

Friday, July 16, 2021


As I sit here in my own world revisiting the 1942 romantic comedy The Major and the Minor, I thought I might take some time to reflect on what exactly brought me to this moment. Today is Ginger Rogers’ 110th birthday. Fans of Old Hollywood stars across the world celebrate the birthdays of their favorite actors who passed away long ago, but for me, the celebration comes every day of the year. 

I have always found Ginger to be extremely endearing. There is something about her voice, her movements in dance, her presence on screen that I personally find to be nostalgic and comforting, and that is about the best way I can explain it. I find her to be a fascinating and charming person with a talent that transcends that of any other actor I have seen. Not only was she a skilled performer on stage and screen, but by all accounts she was a warm and kindhearted person in her daily life. I admire her ambition, her drive to be the best at everything she did, and her success in doing so. Ginger worked hard, and shows in everything she left for us to enjoy for decades to come.

I have had my eye on Ginger since I was in high school 10 years ago when I watched her as Edwina Fulton in Monkey Business (1952), but it was only years after that that I became enthralled with the desire to educate myself about her accomplished life on and off the screen. Ginger introduced me to not only an interest in the history of old films, but the history of the time periods in which they were made. Vaudeville, early cinema, the wartime era, and everything beyond and in between. It is because of Ginger that I have learned so much over the years about so many places, people, and times, and the reason that I consider myself successful in this area of writing and researching today. I do not measure success on how many followers I do or do not have, over how many clicks the articles I write once in a blue moon receive, or how reputable of a source on her as a subject I do or do not become. All of these elements can be incredibly validating, and something I used to think I needed way back when I first started my journey in research. But this is no longer the case. Through the work I’ve done regarding Ginger, I have learned that the personal enjoyment and fulfillment you get out of pursuing what you love is what is most important. She carries more weight in my life than I tend to realize at times. My life went in certain directions it would not have been able to if it were not for my interest in learning about her and chronicling her life on a social platform. That is what I wanted to reflect on: where I am today personally and professionally because of Ginger Rogers. And I thought, what better day to do so than on her birthday? I know that I do not keep up this site as frequently as I used to, as I do enjoy just being more active and social on Twitter, but I felt encouraged to write this today, to get some of my perspective and feelings out on paper (or at least written down). 

Thank you to those who continue to support what I do to this day, and thank you Ginger for opening so many doors for me.

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  1. A lovely article. An apt sub-title would be: Everything I know I learned from Ginger Rogers. Keep researching and studying... She is the perfect role model for you. ~~Sal


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